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LumberJack’s Union

Info: Petulant and surly.  These parasitic nomads strip the lands they inhabit and move forward to the next forest.  They perform rituals to promote the regrowth after a harvest.

Motto: Actions bring results.

The union of Lumberjacks is built upon a history of dark times.  Clanship and the lore of old carries this group. This union is now among the richest in all of Atham.. Their harvest fuels production and housing which allows for a powerful voice amongst the ruling bodies.

Miner’s Union

Info: Isolated in the mines of Atham, they are belligerent and repulsive (both by behavior and smell) and don’t tolerate strangers.

Motto: Pride, honor, justice.

The Miners union is a diarchic one. There is strong opposition to the current leadership; there is always opposition to the current leadership..  If this could ever be resolved it would allow them to become a powerful coalition. However; a greater threat to the union is a group of raiders stealing their precious metals.


Horticulturist’s Union

Info: These calm and caring people are patient and nurturing.  They also tend to mischief as it is easy to get bored watching plants grow..

Motto: In ancestral footsteps we tread.

The union of Horticulturists is built upon the ingenuity and vigor of its past. The union of Horticulturists are fairly content. They live great lives, and while hygiene might be lacking, their sustainability helps relieve most of their hunger problems across Atham.


Blacksmith’s Union

Info: Strong and precise folks. They are talented craftsmen but thick headed when it comes to business.

Motto: United we stand, united we stay.

The union of Blacksmiths is a monarchical one. There are quite a few opposing groups against the current leadership and this has been the case for decades. However, the current greatest threat to the union is imminent war with the Armorsmith union.


Armorsmith’s Union

Info: Impatient and blustery.  They act towards others as they treat the metals they forge. Forcing the world into a shape that suits their needs.


Motto: If it doesn't bend, break it.

Guardians holds no real importance in the lives of the Armorsmith union and, if anything, has made them more serious. The union of Armorsmith aren't spiritual and rely on their ancestry, and their history of war, to succeed.


Weaponsmith’s Union

Info: Hardened but gullible folks, working hard to provide weapons to the armies of Atham.

Motto: Inextinguishable light.

The Weaponsmiths union is miserable. They live tough lives, but while literacy is really lacking, their fuel efficiency helps relieve some of their desires. Exports are among its greatest strengths. Unfortunately the inability to ready invoices properly has led to a major financial deficit.


Jeweler's Union

Info: Jewelers are intelligent and cunning people that live in the most prestigious part of the cities.

Motto: Wealth of the land.

The union of Jewelers is built upon the rare resources, dignity and violent battles (actually extensive bribery) of its past. This union is now among the most influential in all of atham.


Brewer’s Union

Info: Funny (in the head)  because of the fumes coming from all those potions. People tend to avoid them.

Motto: Righteous in duty.

The union of Brewers is a totalitarian structure. There is no opposition against the current union. The greatest threat to the union is widespread pollution of water across Atham, but the current leader is too preoccupied with other personal problems to deal with this “minor” issue.


Chef’s Union

Info: Well rounded individuals that love to eat and be the clown of the party.

Motto: We can, we will, we did.

The union of Chefs are happy. They live rewarding lives when food production is booming.  Unfortunately the lack of medicine from the Brewer’s union coupled with severe indigestion has inhibited their production. 


Enchanter’s Union

Info: Night owls are these folks; always speaking in jibber jabber words.

Motto: Progress through wisdom.

Built upon the betrayed trusts, and bountiful nature of its past, this union is now among the most unproductive unions in its corner of Atham. This is directly related to the loss of Elder Erus Ton.



Frostweaver's Society

Info: Frostweaver’s hail from a long line of sorcerers known for its natural affinity for ice magic.

Motto: Many skills, many virtues.

Magic: Ice

There are no opposing groups to the current leadership, but all this could change in a moment. The greatest threat to the order is an increase in  “aggressive wildlife” and the current leader’s inability to solve this issue.


Stormcaller's Society

Info:These relentless Stormcaller’s have difficulty showing self-control with the tremendous wild energies coursing through them.

Motto: Never conquered, always feared.

Magic: Lightning

They live terrific lives, and while trade might be lacking, their magical displays are great entertainment for the locals. Religion holds no real importance in their lives, and if anything, has made them more attuned to man's law


Pyromancer's Society

Info: Pyromancer’s are motivated by a desire for control. They are fair-minded and have a cheerful personality.

Motto: Risen from the ashes.

Magic: Fire

The pyromancers have an Idol, a perceived deity, called the eternal flame.  An unknown faction was able to curtail its magic which led to panic amongst the order.; The eternal flame was doused for a fortnight; since then, they have been maniacal about improving their magic so they can protect their deity.


Banecaster's Society

Info: Banecaster’s are motivated by a desire for personal loss. They have a hateful and hedonistic personality.

Motto: Good life, good death.

Magic: Poison

Their behaviours growing up were disapproved of by an adopted spiritual figure. They learned to survive society by thinking of themselves first and foremost. Their long term goal is to eradicate everything that another person loves. 


Diviner's Society

Info: Diviner’s were born to a family or clan with two great pedigrees: one of magic and one of battle.

Motto: Through wisdom and strength.

Magic: Holy

Currently they are preparing for the great reunion: a centennial gathering of all the diviners. It was foretold that a great event would occur on the blood moon solstice, which is during the next reunion.  An important image flits throughout the minds of all members of the order almost  as a dream…….a flock of seagulls.


Evocator's Society

Info: Lonely by choice Evocator’s prefers the company of summons over human interaction.

Motto: Spirits guide us, spirits watch over us.

Magic: Summoning (Blood)

Their leader was able to exert an iron fist over the order.  He has demanded penance from the Evocators for their sacrilege.  They are paraded through the streets in shame with the hope of redeeming themselves in the eyes of Miara after the traumatic loss of the gilded rabbit.



Guardian's Guild

Info: Stout and unmoving like the shields they bare. They revel in the lost armaments of their foes.

Motto: By victory and shield.

Weapons: Shield.

Society: The Guardian guild is a military oriented one. Their trainers served with a group of elite guards and knows much about working as a team. They are also Energetic. They sing and laugh during combat as their spirit soars.


Assassins Guild

Info:  One with shadows they strike quickly and quietly.  Nothing is as pretty as the back of a man's head.


Motto: Now our enemies rest.

Weapons: Daggers, Throwing daggers

Society: The leader of the Assassin was once wronged by a mere thief, so he started focusing his training on mastering the skills of his enemy to better combat foes of that sort. They now train new assassins to get rid of the thief roaming Atham.


Brawler's Guild

Info: Arisen from squalor through fist and fury.  Fear is unnecessary when you have nothing to live for.

Motto: Glory, pride, honor.

Weapons: Fist.

Society: The Brawler guild is led by an ancient Tribal Warrior. Their instructor grew up in a tribe, where fighting for one's life was practically an everyday occurrence. Especially in the fighting pits of Atham.


Knight's Guild

Info: Regal, pompous, and arrogant.  Born of the aristocracy and determined to maintain their perceived position.

Motto: Sword or pen, we conquer all.

Weapons: One-Handed Sword

Society: The Knight guild have seen what happens when the monsters come out from the dark. They took it upon them self to become the first line of defence against the evils that lie beyond Atham's borders.


Templar's Guild

Info: Righteous, strict, and fervent.  These knights of whatever Guardian they serve are unbending and unmerciful to the unjust.

Motto: Be just and vigilant.

Weapons: Two-Handed Sword

Society: Becoming a Templar is a natural consequence of their unwavering faith. In taking their vows, they become the holy sword of Atham. Peace is what they fight for so that the future generations will not have to.


Berserker's Guild

Info:  Maniacs from the highlands that fight with an unmatched ferocity and body odour.  Don't get too close if you value your belongings.

Motto: Take what they want.

Weapons: One-Handed Axe

Society: The first leader of the Berserker guild decided that his anger needed to be channelled into battle, or he risked becoming an indiscriminate killer amongst his neighbours. So he decided to form the guild.


Barbarian's Guild

Info: Rugged warriors that live off the land and are loyal to their tribe.  They also have a deep love of deer and mammoth meat…take that as you will.

Motto: Bound by chains, but now we are free.

Weapons: Two-Handed Axe

Society: The people of the Barbarian guild lived on the edges of civilization, and learned the methods of survival from their own. Their devotion to their people lift them in battle, making them even more powerful and dangerous.


Skull Crusher's Guild

Info: See head, smash head.   Any questions?

Motto: Stand strong, stand tall.

Weapons: One-Handed Mace

Society: The Skull Crusher guild is quite brutal and deadly. Their attacks rain down like hammer blows, meant to splinter bone or send blood flying. Their military situation is quite chaotic as they run around like a bunch of goose!


Warlord's Guild

Info: Natural tacticians.  They value the brilliance of the individuals mind as well as the glint of their blade.

Motto: Well versed in the art of war.

Weapons:  Two-Handed Mace

Society: The Warlords guild is a bunch of street fighters. They are trained to excel at urban combat combining close-quarters work with damage and efficiency. They also could pick up just about any weapon and know how to use it effectively.


Viper's Guild

Info:  Agile, with quick strikes like their namesake.  They dance in the entrails of their fallen opponents.

Motto: Strike swiftly, aim true.

Weapons: Spear, Throwing spear.

Society: The Vipers guild is the most Cunning of them all. They dart in to attack at just the right moment and use small-scale tactics to tilt the odds in their favour. Their leader, a proven soldier, taught them war by imparting highly specialized knowledge of how to wield their weapon most effectively.


Reaper's Guild

Info:   The master of the scythe.  May or may not use a toxic coating that can stop a heart with a mere scratch.

Motto: Many hearts beating as one.

Weapons: Scythe

Society: The Reapers guild found purpose while they honed their hunting skills by bringing down dangerous animals at the edge of civilization so no other guilds would judge their grim and obscure methods of fighting.


Marksman's Guild

Info: Ranged warrior whose true aim is to never get close to an opponent.

Motto: All arrows come from above.

Weapons: Bows, Crossbow,

Society: In the Marksman society it is tradition for them to prove their bravery and intelligence in a traditional hunt once a year. It's supposed to be a symbol of discipline and individualism and it's usually part of a larger ceremony that can last for over a week.

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