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Salran is the accepted deity of the humans.  He is a great tactician who is ruthless to his enemies.  Never one to directly engage in combat he has great skill in coercing others to do his bidding and achieve his goals..   Perceived to be the favoured of the the Elder he is relentless in accomplishing his objectives.  Through the use of fire he and his followers remove any obstacles that would impede his desired ends.   As the favoured he has an arrogance that cannot be tempered by emotion and will not accept failure.  Salran is often depicted as a tall, frail figure with chain mail and a hooded cloak.  He carries a great fiery sword on his back and rides a steed of smoke and encased in embers. .


His worshippers present him with sacrifices burned on pires.  These typically consist of the vanquished foes they have enslaved. It is rumoured that those who are truly in his favour are called to his temple located near an old volcano.  There they are forced to undergo a series of tests; both of mind and body.  If successfully they are given his blessing and rewarded with untold riches and power.  But these are only rumours that have been passed down through the ages. His worshippers tend to be human but are of many races.  They all follow one tenant : success is rewarded, failure punished. 


Zunnath governs over the sphere of lightning.  It is depicted as a golden magical beast with fair skin.  Be warned it is passive only in appearance; short of patience and long on vanity, the easily angered Zunnath will lash out quickly at perceived  insults or indiscretions.  


It expects her followers to search for riches and glory and to dedicate a portion of their bounties to her to gain favor. There's a few main places for those who wish to devote themselves to Zunnath, but small shrines and altars are scattered across the lands of Atham.  They tend to be opulent and highly decorated.  Her worshipers place jewels and precious metals into the shrines as dedications to Zunnath.


Almath/ Terra’l are two halves of a whole.  Almath is described as an elderly man with a stooped posture.  He is adorned in a dark, worn cloak and uses a walking stick made of a gnarled oak.   Almath’s path is seen through the lands as nothing grows upon the path he has walked.   He is the overseer of poison and is the patron to many who practice the dark arts.  His followers are often dryad and other creatures of the forest who detest metal worked weapons and armours.  Sacrifices are made yearly on the Winter solstice to celebrate his great works.


Terra’l is the matron of Atham, she represents life and new growth.  She is the patron of holy/ healing/ life  magic, it is varied in name regionally..  She is revered by the Dryads and has put forth the doctrines and tenets for the healers of Atham.  She is described as a young girl with green curls. She wears a dress that is composed of all the plants found throughout the realms.  It is teaming with all forms of life creating a cacophony of colour and texture.  Her worshippers are dedicated to preserving life and assisting it to flourish.  During the summer solstice great gatherings occur from all walks of life to celebrate her great deeds.  This is also the start of the planting season across the many lands of Atham.


Miara is thought to be a sibling of Al'math/ Terra’l.  She is depicted as a middle aged woman who is adorned in furs and bone.   She presides over the summoning arts and supports the creation of life.  Miara traverses the lands with a giant staff in hand.  Periodically she will touch the ground, from this spot a yellow gem node will sprout up providing the source for her life giving spells.  The gems draw from the life essence of Atham.   The more a location has seen death; the higher chance you will find the remnants of her passing.   Most of those who follow her tenants are scholars and magi.   They will often bury their dead near the node locations with the hope of having their loved ones' spirits returned to Atham.



Ir’alok is the deity of the Savages.  Depicted as a hulking figure with great horns and  wearing only the skins of his slaughtered prey.  He has an elongated whip tipped with barbs that is said to move with only a thought and strike as though it was a great serpent.  In his right hand he carries a wicked trident, composed of ice, that has the speared heads of his enemies stacked upon the pommel.  The loyalty he shows to his people is as fierce as his persona..   He defends his people and lands against all threats with no regard to the outcome.   He prizes independence and his followers heed his tenets.   


His worshippers perform a taxing ritual to commit themselves to Ir’alok.  Upon reaching adulthood (roughly 15 years of age), they are sent out into the frozen wastes naked and with only a knife.  They must return back to their tribe only after a blood moon (approximately 30 cycles but it can be longer) with the hide of a mammoth and yeti.  Those that return will then undergo the blood ritual to complete their acceptance into the tribe and the service of Ir’alok.  The young warrior lays out the hides and kneels upon them.  The senior leaders of the tribe will then place a bar of steel under the initiate.  Each elder will then administer one cut.  If the initiate makes it through the entirety of the ritual without crying out they are fully accepted.  The young warrior is then carried off by the tribes, cleaned and fed.  The hides are then crafted into their armor and cloak.   The steel bar is forged into their weapon of choice.  It is said the metal becomes infused with their blood and will, making it unbreakable.


Aion is glorified by the human and savage races.  The brother of Ir’alok is depicted as an incredibly tall, muscular, and attractive guardian. With rippling muscles and hearty laugh he throws himself into conflict at any opportunity most seen in the form of a griffon.  He revels in combat and relishes victory above all aphrodisiacs. He is renowned for his glowing golden armour and massive hammer that shakes the heavens upon contact with a foe.  


His followers fervently support his beliefs and pay homage through courageous acts and the shedding of blood.  They abhor magic and relish the feel of cold steel in their hands or the sweet tunes of the bow string upon release.   They prove their adoration to Aion through their actions and the glory they achieve. 


There's one true place for those craving the power potentially given by Aion and that is the field of battle.  Arena’s are a secondary option for the followers of this path and provide an easier access to “practice” their beliefs. . Worshippers flock to Aion from most sections of life in Atham with martial weapon users being the predominant, if not exclusive, practitioners of this path.

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