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The human race, and faction, are characterized by their stubbornness and ability to perform atrocities without guilt or penance. A distrustful clan that is being directed from the shadows by the divine guardian "Salran".   Salran's true name is unknown, as all are of the divine, and they are given names based on the core principals they represent.  Salran is derived from salrantie, which in the old language translates (in approximation) to " The Pest", but is closer to "the Plague".   The controlling nature of this would be deity's statutes directly conflicts with those of the  Savages.  These tenets have led to a 300 year war, with the Savages, that shows no signs of peace or cessation.


The Savages, nomenclature associated via their human counterparts, are an aggressive, fiercely independent faction, that will defend themselves and their tribes fervently.  Followers of Ir'alok, or the Consumer, are a terrifying force when focused on a single goal.  A tribal society, that has endured infighting since its inception, they are ruled over by chieftains.  Only during times of war is a single individual selected at the Gro Ir'Alok (a battle royal fight to the death) to be the Sel'urak or chief of chiefs. They have unquestioned authority and are considered blessed by Ir'alok.  The extended war against the human lands is seen as a necessity to preserve their history and ideals.   Surviving in a frozen wasteland has molded them into a cold and callous culture that will not be impeded by anything natural or man made.


The Dryads are the protectors of Atham itself; by that I mean they are the guardians of nature.  With an organic attunement to the planet they have developed magical capabilities that are unmatched in all the realms.  They are a naturally reclusive and secretive faction that has integrated with their surroundings and will defend it bitterly.  Referred to as the “Cursed” by their human counterparts they follow the teachings of the divine guardian "Almath".  Atham is derived from Almath "the father of all".   Almath is also referred to as "Terra'l or The Mother" and is often portrayed as transitioning from male to female.   The Dryads reclaimed their lands from the humans after emerging from a deep slumber which was brought about by the Sundering (the breaking of the Crown). Dryad's love of nature will always conflict with the other factions remodelling the world to fit their own needs.

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